Most people who visit Gibraltar make the mistake of only going for day. There is so much more to do on the Rock . On your next visit to the Rock take time to go round it, over it and even under it, here are some ideas.

Upper St Michael's Cave, has attracted visitors since Roman times and during World War II the cave was prepared as an emergency hospital, but it was never used. The Cathedral Cave is open to visitors and is also an unique auditorium for concerts,the place where Miss Gibraltar Pageant Show was held , drama and presentations.The stalactites and stalagmites are illuminated by flood lights casting spooky shadows, but making the formations turn into shapes and figures aided by the visitors imagination .Here a lions head ,there a Madonna many people see many different things .You are free to wander around the cave making discoveries for yourself as the paths are well marked and any dangerous areas are roped off there are even locations where you can see into the lower caverns.
St Michael's Cave,lower caverns.

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