Win a Castle


How does the competition work?


  1. Make your payment first -  then fill in the entry form. If paying on Eventbrite, it has its own entry form and you do not need to return here to fill one of ours in. We have some special offers running at Christmas and you can buy various things, proceeds go back to competition.
  2. Max of 550,000 paid entries. (This is entries not people, many people buy multiple entries, the competition will close as soon as the target is reached so don't wait to buy.)
  3. The competition is based on answering the question: Which town was named happiest place to live in Scotland this year, 2017?
  4. Orchardton has had and still has interested buyers. In fact there is always someone wanting to buy it. So if you can't afford to keep it and don't want to turn it into a business, you could resell or to make it easier we  can offer the winner a cash prize. Click for more details on Orchardton running costs.
  5. Orchardton was renovated in 2003 and refurbished in 2016. Click for more details on what has been done.
  6. If you have any questions please look at the FAQ or you can email or call. If you have any problems or we have not made something clear enough, please email us and we will have a look at it. Thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions


I forgot to fill in the entry form?

No problem, just fill one in after and put your mobile number as reference. We must have the entry form to go with the payment.


How do I enter Internationally?

Just go to the "Entries outside the United Kingdom" or click here. You can buy the book  (Deadlanders by Swan DeWinter)from Amazon  - Click on your country Amazon link on that page - or direct banking.  We are able to accept in Euros and American Dollars. You may also buy a ticket from Eventbrite, available in selected countries. If a US citizen, you may have to pay taxes on the prize, however, you may be able to take a cash alternative and pay the taxes from that.


How is this competition non-profit making?

The value of the property, costs, stamp duty, legal fees and anything else needed to make the prize 'ready to move into' will be taken. All proceeds left over will go to the charities. We are hoping to raise at least £250,000 (hopefully twice that) for the charities. Please help. Charities include helping people and animals.


How do I know this is a real competition?

You can call Susan, look her up on Facebook. Her number is on the site. Email her. She is on the electoral register and a member of the CIOJ. The competition is currently available in the UK but will also be available on the web abroad.


How can I enter the competition?

To enter successfully you need to answer the question by completing the Online Entry Form with the payment of 5.00 pounds sterling (£5.98 on Eventbrite) , $10 and  €8 for international payment or by post in an envelope with a cheque or on a post card for free entry.

Make sure you add your name and tel number so that you can be identified on both your entry form and your payment.

By entering this contest you declare that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of entry.


Can I enter the competition more than once ?

You can enter as many times as you like. You only need to answer the question once. Your amount of entries is determined by how much you pay. Free entries must be on a postcard  and have the details of the competition and your details. 1 post card per entry . Free entries we supply for multi-buy competition entries are automatically entered and you do not need to send them on a post card.


When will the draw take place?

Closing date 14th February 2018 at 6pm GMT. If the winner is unable to take up the prize, they may be offered a cash alternative.  The draw will take place 14 days later. All entries must be in by then.

Special surprise  Christmas draw of correct answers, so its still good to get your tickets now while you can. This will not affect the main draw in February. Everyone entered in the Christmas draw will also be entered into the February one. You can win a weekend for 2 at Orchardton as my guest.


How will the Winner be contacted if he/she wins?

We will contact you by e-mail, telephone (we will try this first) or post through the contact details which will be received when the person submitted the Online Entry Form or details by post.


How will the draw be conducted?

Each entry will be assigned a unique identifier and we will use a random number generator to select a winning entry. A member of one of the main  charities will be present for the draw along with members of the press.

We just need your telephone number, which needs to be the same as used in whichever payment you use.

Each individual entry is then added to the final draw to be selected by a random number generator.


If choosing Paid entry - what is the best method of payment?

Our preferred method of payment is by Bank Transfer  or mobile payment or cheque (no charges).  See Christmas bonuses on paying by bank tranfer. However this only applies if you have answered the question correctly! the free ones will be automatically entered for you.


What if I get the question wrong?

This is a competition -  please try to make sure that the answer is right to the competition question. We cannot tell you if it is wrong and we cannot enter you into the winners draw.


How long should i wait for a confirmation email?

You should receive an email that we have your form. We tally all forms with payments and will only contact you if we cant put your form and payment together. We have a lot of entries to work through thanks to all of you!

Don't forget a MAX of 550,000 tickets can be sold, as soon as this happens  -  we will close the competition. (This is about 250,000 people as the average ticket buy is 2 per person. The odds of winning are very good and the more entries you ahve, the more chance!