Orchardton Castle
With 16 years experience in the area and in the film and TV industry, we can be involved in as little or as much as you wish. More than just a location, a whole support system.
more than just a location

Orchardton Castle is now available

Scotland has everything when it comes to filming. Now  Orchardton Castle is available and can be adapted to suit your needs. 

On the Scottish Riviera, boasting the best weather in Scotland most of the year, just a short drive from Edinburgh, Glasgow or Manchester.

For decades, Scotland has been seen as the perfect location to suit a huge array of genres. From sci-fi to drama and comedy to horror, there is a mountain of wonderful examples of how companies have utilised Scotland’s surroundings for their cinematic goals.

Historical or Modern

Completed by William Douglas Robinson in the 1880’s, on the site of a mansion dating from around 1761, Orchardton Castle was built in ‘Scottish Baronial’ style. It’s a huge building that could be easily the setting for a historical movie or its shuttered windows would make a terrifying zombie apocalypse climax.


Huge rooms, high ceilings, towers, Grand staircase and much more. A  visit to Orchardton Castle will inspire great film-making for reasonable cost. There are so many facets to Orchardton that it can adapt itself to any genre. From historical to modern times.


With so many rooms, the castle offers different  vibes. You can shoot a romance in one part of the building whilst another part is beautifully suited to horror. As a private residence, your shoot is secure and quiet with no access to the public. One room can be set up whilst another is filming.



Horror – Comedy

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Horror – Comedy

Our Services

40+ rooms

Orchardton has so many rooms to choose from. Many of them offer unique filming highlights. From the romance of the grand staircase to the mysteries of the small doors leading into the roof space.


Even on the biggest budget productions, we know that people want to make every penny stretch as far as it can, the good news is that Scotland has a range of generous tax rebates: a 25% rebate for scripted television projects with a minimum core expenditure of £1 million per broadcast hour (HTR) and at least 10% of the production costs  spent in the UK if it is intended for theatrical release.

5 acres of Garden

The garden has a wood and wildlife pond with views to the sea and over to the lake district. Many visitors mention the magical vibe of the garden . A variety of tall trees, including a Palm tree  and Rhodie trees over 100 years old bring interest

17 hours of daylight

We benefit from extreme hours of daylight in the Summer.

This means that you have the extra time you need to get those last-minute shots in before the end of the day. The same can also be said in the winter, when daylight only lasts up to 8 hours in some parts of the country – perfect for those dark, moody undertones!

Get in Touch. Book a visit.


You can book a stay with us to check out the area and venue and the cost will be refunded if you decide to book the location.

Orchardton Castle, Auchencairn, DG71QL